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TANNOY’s custom install loudspeakers are widely regarded as some of the finest in the world. Powerful, articulate, musical, engaging and incredibly reliable, TANNOY in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have been installed in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings. The list includes the Bellagio and Wynns resorts in Las Vegas and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, where over 6,000 TANNOY in-wall and in-ceilings speakers have been deployed.

Divided into four ranges, TANNOY’s custom install series has a loudspeaker for ever room and venue. The entry level CVS in ceiling range offer compact budget models boasting high performance and features you would normally expect on more up-market ranges. The CMS range draws heavily on TANNOY’s hi-fi and professional audio technologies to deliver class leading in ceiling sound. The iW in wall series spans models from compact units with a single 100 mm (4.00”) Dual Concentric Driver, up to models packing in a four-way driver configuration with outstanding audio performance.

The Definition Install series has been specifically designed for high-end residential home theatres and media rooms where performance is paramount. Fully built into their own cabinets to ensure the perfect enclosure design for their Dual Concentric drivers, the range deliver unsurpassed accuracy, dynamics, and power. The Definition Install range spans models for on-wall use at front left/right/center positions, dedicated in wall effects speakers and two passive subwoofer options. Drawing on its decades of experience in residential hi-fi, studio and touring professional monitors and commercial sound installation, TANNOY’s comprehensive custom install range offer unrivalled performance, practicality, and long term reliability.

TANNOY custom install range leverages a number of driver technologies to achieve the best possible price to performance ration for every model. Entry-level models such as the CVS in-ceiling range use a coaxial configuration combining a mid-bass driver with mineral loaded polypropylene cone and a HF unit with dome tweeter assembly mounted center-front of the mid-bass cone. The main cone is terminated in a nitrile rubber roll surround that further improves the durability of speaker, ensuring exceptional longevity and ‘fit and forget’ assurance.

Models further up the in-ceiling range use Inductive Coupling Technology between the mid-bass and HF drivers for seamless integration and superb reliability even during extended high volume usage. TANNOY’s Inductive Coupling Technology (ICT) drive unit uses a wireless electromagnetic tweeter so that no crossover is required in the design. This highly accurate tweeter motor system also ensures that the traditional HF voice coil cannot be burned out through system misuse or by constant heavy usage.

The result is a rich, articulate sounding loudspeaker that will give many years of trouble free service.

Top-specification models in all TANNOY’s loudspeaker ranges, including custom install, residential, professional, studio and touring loudspeakers, are fitted with TANNOY’s Dual Concentric driver technology. First developed over half a century ago and continuously evolved and improved, Dual Concentric drivers place the tweeter assembly at the very center of the mid-bass driver creating a true point-source transducer with outstanding coherence and articulation. Characteristic of the Dual Concentric design is a very wide ‘sweet spot’ with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area. The accuracy and extraordinary transient response have made Dual Concentric drivers the choice of professional studio engineers all over the world for many years.

Key design parameters of customs install loudspeaker are a build-quality and to last, a design to ease installation and set-up, and a finish to integrate seamlessly with any décor. Using proven technology, innovative design and engineering and flush-fitting baffles and grilles that can be painted with any standard décor paint, TANNOY’s custom install speakers are the choice of professional installers around the world.

Each cabinet is extensively braced and damped to offer the perfect enclosure for the series’ Dual Concentric Drivers.

All models in the in-ceiling and in-wall ranges are built on a tough ABS baffle. Using flame retardant UL 94V-0 ABS offers outstanding durability, compliance with wide range of building regulations and offers a solid foundation for the drivers. The surface is treated to take any most standard residential or commercial paint finishes and all models are supplied with a white paint coated steel grille that can also be painted to suit the installation. TANNOY’s unique self-aligning clamp mounts are used throughout the range with tile rails, c-rings and steel back cans and 100V/70V transformers supplied with most in-ceiling models as standard.

The Definition Install range leverages residential and professional loudspeaker construction expertise and is a range of install loudspeakers built with integral fiberboard cabinets. Constructed to TANNOY’s exacting standards, each cabinet is extensively braced and damped to offer the perfect enclosure for the series’ Dual Concentric Drivers. The Definition Install cabinets are finished in hard wearing black textured paint and are fitted with multiple keyhole mounts with wall plates to simplify installation in any home theatre install.
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